What is a Lash Lift and How is it Done?

It’s no secret that good lashes make the eyes pop! With inventions like lash extensions and mascara, many are enjoying the difference beautiful eyelashes make to their face and favoritemakeup looks. However, some have been left out of the fun because of the allergens in these products. Thankfully the newest lash focused invention, lash lifts, […]

Natural Impressions by Jhay Now Offers Lash Bath

Happy New Year to all current and prospective clients! I hope your resolutions include better self-care and more pampering. Look out for our new prices and better quality products to continue helping all clients present the best versions of themselves with the service they deserve. We Now Offer Lash Baths! One of the services we […]

Natural Impressions by Jhay Now Accepts CareCredit Card Payments

For your convenience, Natural Impressions by Jhay, is happy to announce that we now accept CareCredit card payments, which is effective immediately.

Natural Impression by Jhay Gift Cards Special 2019

As we draw closer to the end of the year, it is time to reflect on giving back. Natural Impressions by Jhay wants to give back to you using gift cards.

Natural Impressions by Jhay Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday is nearly upon us, and there are many Black Friday deals to take advantage of. It is a great way to save money while benefiting from exceptional Black Friday gifts and services. With that being said, Natural Impressions by Jhay would like to take part in this great holiday while also share our appreciation to all our beloved and highly esteemed customers. With this offering, Natural Impression by Jhay promises that Black Friday 2019, will be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

5 Tips for The Perfect Hollywood Wax

Eyelash extensions can be viewed as a way to enhance one’s natural beauty. With many forms of eyelash extensions such as mink lashes which varies in length and volume, there are false lashes to fit anyone’s preferences. Nevertheless, many women are worried about getting eyelash extensions when pregnant. They may be concerned with their health and their baby’s health. However, we at Natural Impressions by Jhay reassures you that getting eyelash extensions while pregnant is a safe process. We are trained eyelash estheticians who are skilled in carrying you safely through the process while using the highest quality of materials. If you are still unsure, here are four tips for getting eyelash extensions when pregnant.

5 Tips for The Perfect Hollywood Wax

It’s no issue if you’re not a hair removal extraordinaire as many people have no clue what Hollywood waxing entails. This waxing style is the removal of hair from the entire pubic area from the front to the back. It is a very popular natural hair removal technique as you can make your own sugar wax hair removal recipe which is one of many natural routes. Sugaring hair removal is just as effective as the usual hot wax and film wax.

Why a Home Skin Care Routine is Important

Healthy skin needs optimal care to remain youthful and glowing. Many believe this is only possible at the spa. However, this option may not be budget-friendly for most, since regular spa treatments are costly. Even though the results are worth the cost, daily skincare at home is essential too.

How to Figure Out Your Skin Type

Healthy skin starts from within, however the right skincare products help to maintain it. The best skincare products for each person relies on their skin type. Skincare specialists discovered four different skin types each person is born with: normal, dry, oily, and combination. Each skin type has unique traits to identify them by. Knowing your skin type allows you to choose the best skincare routine with products and treatments that effectively solve your skin issues.

Eyelash Extensions: What to Expect during Fall

Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes naturally shed. The shedding process is a part of the eyelash growth cycle and continues even if a person wears lash extensions. Knowing this gives lash extension lovers a practical view of what to expect and how to care for them properly.


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